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Surveys under way at Elizabeth Harbour

As part of the planning application to redevelop Elizabeth Harbour, submitted earlier this year, we’re carrying out a number of preliminary surveys in and around the harbour area.

The surveys are not expected to cause any disruption, but residents and businesses may notice some specialist machinery being operated around the area.  

Some of this work is required because Elizabeth Harbour was constructed in the late 1980s on reclaimed land. Ground investigation will inform the design of roads, pavements, buildings and other infrastructure for the new harbour, if planning approval is granted.

A series of sea water surveys and bat surveys have also been carried out as part of the environmental preparation for work on the first stage of the Harbour Master Plan.

Water has been tested to establish baseline data on levels of suspended sediment. This provides information which can be compared to the same areas after the required dredging, and then used to assess any impact of the work.

A water quality and light sensor was deployed into the sea from Havre des Pas to St Aubin. This work was done at high tide, mid-tide and low tide, during spring and neap tides, for six months.

Bats are vulnerable to disturbance through property development and the surveys were carried out at dusk and dawn. Any evidence of bats will prompt the development of mitigation strategies in conjunction with the Environment Department.

Harbour Master, Captain Bill Sadler, said: “We want to make sure there is as little disturbance as possible to our local wildlife when we start work, once planning consent has been granted. The Ecology team will apply for a licence to oversee construction, and working protocols will aim to keep any disruption to wildlife to a minimum.”

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Posted on 6th October 2023

by Ports of Jersey