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  • Consultation overview published

    February 2023




    February 2023

    In Autumn 2022, we asked Islanders to give their views on our proposals for the redevelopment of Elizabeth Harbour as part of a public consultation on the future of St Helier Harbour. We also asked for feedback on what the harbour area as a whole means to Islanders. Following the close of the public consultation, we can now give an overview of the results on our home page.
  • Early engagement with key stakeholders

    Summer 2022





    We have engaged with our partners and key stakeholders on the St Helier Harbour Master Plan proposals. Now, we are opening discussions with the wider community, to ensure that we find solutions that work for us all.
  • Launch of public consultation period

    September 2022




    October 2022

    As we start to develop more detailed plans for the different harbours, we want to hear from you, so we have developed two surveys to capture your views on the potential uses of the harbour area. Your feedback will help to refine the proposal for Elizabeth Harbour, ahead of making a planning application on the final design.
  • Planning application submitted

    Expected in early 2023





    Your responses will help us to finalise our proposal, ahead of making a planning application, under the Planning and Building (Jersey) Law 2022.
  • Planning application considered

    January 2023




    Summer 2023

    During the planning application period, the Government of Jersey will also undertake a consultation on the application, where you will have the opportunity to comment on the final proposals.
  • Further development of St Helier Harbour Master Plan






    The St Helier Harbour Master Plan is a long-term development plan that supports the transformation of Elizabeth Harbour, La Collette, the Old Harbours and La Folie, and New North Quay. Further proposals on the development of St Helier's harbours will follow as the St Helier Harbour Master Plan progresses.