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Welcome from the Harbour Master

Captain William Sadler on the St Helier Harbour Master Plan

As Islanders, our quality of life depends on connectivity, whether visiting friends and relatives, accessing healthcare and education, or going away on holiday. Our economy is built on our transport links. Our lifeline freight connections at St Helier Harbour handle 98% of all cargo entering the Island, including the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the materials we need to build, furnish and heat our homes.

With ageing infrastructure and freight activity at Elizabeth Harbour exceeding capacity, it is now more important than ever to prepare St Helier Harbour for the future. So we’ve developed a Master Plan that will secure the viability of our lifeline port by making it more efficient. This will increase the port’s capacity to handle freight, and provide an opportunity to free up space for facilities which will enhance the appeal of the harbours and create vibrant community spaces for Islanders and visitors to enjoy.

The Plan will be the biggest capital investment since Ports of Jersey’s incorporation in 2015. Previously a Government department, our incorporation enables us to continue to provide essential public services to the Island in a sustainable manner, and, as a self-financing entity, undertake major projects like this without funding from taxpayers.

The Harbour Master Plan will take many years to be fully realised. As we develop detailed plans, we want to ensure they reflect the ambitions of our community and preserves the distinctive character, appeal and heritage of this important Island gateway.

We have engaged with our partners and key stakeholders, and now we want to open discussions with the wider community to ensure that we find solutions that work for us all.

Our proposals are still at an early stage, but your views are important to help us refine the designs. We look forward to hearing from you.

Posted on 15th September 2022

by Ports of Jersey